4 Startups Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Since its emergence in 2008, blockchain technology was expected to make a big impact on the world. Over 10 years later we can now safely say that these predictions were correct. New blockchain-based startups are being created all the time and the technology is being developed to suit the needs of a wide range of fields – from finance to identity protection.

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It’s a digital marketplace for fish trading which connect the buyers directly with the fishing fleets. It works by allowing the interested parties to buy the fish right after it’s caught and registered on board. Such a solution increases traceability and supports sustainable fishing practices.


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This Oslo-based startup aims to tackle the problem of poverty among young people around the world by providing access to the mobile peer-to-peer lending platform. The idea behind this project is to inspire trust and support between young people from all places and educate them on the subject of financial responsibility.

VNX Exchange

VNX Exchange is a digital marketplace for tokenized venture capital assets. This solution helps solve the problem of illiquid investment funds where investors have to wait years before seeing any profit. Liquidating such funds not only gives an opportunity to the smaller investors but also encourages further growth of the market.


This is a blockchain-based education marketplace which allows students to personalise their education by enabling direct contact with the educators. The completion of a course is confirmed by a certificate posted to the blockchain. ODEM’s main goal is to make education easily accessible and more affordable by cutting out the intermediaries.

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