Global Technological Future Is In Robotics

Looking at humanity today, one would hardly believe that there was such a time when man lived in the cave, fed on fruits, and hunted using crude implements fashioned from rocks and bones!

Today, we talk of a world where a person gets sick and he is taken to the hospital, a world where we live and work in skyscrapers, and tasks are easily and perfectly carried out using machines and robots.

Although a lot has been achieved in the technological sphere, man has nonetheless continued to make indelible impact and progress in robotics and we can comfortably predict that a time would come when we would have robots working in hospitals as doctors and nurses, as our personal chauffeur, bodyguards, and as office secretaries.

Technology has kept advancing at a leaping pace, especially in areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Even surgeons now use robotics while performing surgical operations.

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Technological advancement in Al, computer vision, navigation, MEMS sensor etc have enhanced the capability, performance and different functions of robots.

It is evident that robotics will invigorate the process of future innovation.

Therefore, it would disrupt and modify the paradigm of future business operations.

Robotics can also help a company to beat competitors by improving quality and increasing productivity.

It is therefore a surety that robots will play a crucial part in the daily existence of the common man and they will also be used by industries also.

A recent study advances ten (10) predictions that might make robots become essential to human existence in the future.

The list has some interesting predictions that might affect human society and business in a great way.

In this article, we shall discuss those ten predictions.

Robotics Growth

About 30% of the use of robotics in industries will be in the form of a RaaS model of business in 2020.

This, we believe, will enable businesses to reduce the cost of deploying a robot to carry out certain functions.

Robot Officer

There is every possibility that by 2020, thirty percent (30%) of major business Organizations in the world will have a chief robot officer to improve their businesses.

Increase In Number of Competitors

By 2021, large organizations will have the option of selecting from various vendors because new players would have found their way into the communications and information industry.

This will cause an increase in the use of robotics.

Increase in Individual Talent and Capability

By the time it is 2020, the development of robots will increase individual talent and capabilities.

Many would find themselves studying the creation, development, maintenance, and utilization of robots.

People who strive to be better than each other or strive to be the best in the robotics field.

Therefore, nearly 35% of robotics related jobs will be vacant and this would mean that salaries will increase by 60% at least.

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Government Regulations

It is most likely that in 2020, governments will be forced to evolve novel regulations related to the use of robots so as to enable them to preserve jobs and find solutions to privacy, security and safety issues.

Robots Defined by Software

In 2020, 60% of the robots will need cloud-based applications.

These cloud-based applications would allow for the introduction of new skills, applications, and cognitive abilities.

Therefore, the world would experience a robotic market that is cloud-based.

Collaborative Robots

By 2020, 30% of robots will be Collaborative and smart machines.

They will be 300% more efficient than modern robots.

The robots will also be safe for human use and work effectively well side by side with humans.


By 2020, 40% of the commercial robots available will constitute part of a shared intelligence from the net.

Therefore, the operational efficiency of the robots will increase by 200%.

Automating Operations

Three years from today, 35% of large organizations whose concerns are related to health, utilities, and logistics will use robots for automating operations.


By the time it is 2019, 45% of large scale and popular international e-commerce companies will deploy robots in their fulfillment warehousing and delivery operations.

Going by these predictions, you should have a good idea of how robotics will change and restructure the face of the world in a few years to come.

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