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Infographic- Libra: Cryptocurrency By Facebook (In 5 Minutes)

by Albert Loy
Physical bitcoin coin on the phone screen. The concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain in our life

Several years of research and efforts made it possible to launch a global cryptocurrency that is accessible to people all around the world. This new age cryptocurrency is named as Libra and it is launched by the renowned social media giant Facebook.

To built Libra, they used Blockchain technology. It is a decentralized and delineated programmable database with a capability to serve as a channel of exchange for millions of people.

Libra transactions are very fast with minimal or no transaction charges. Users can transfer Libra to any part of the world just with a finger tap, it is accessible via mobile and all you need is a data connection.

To regulate all the proceedings of Libra they formed an association called The Libra Association plans to collaborate with policymakers as the ecosystem is evolved and operationalized, and as statutes cope up with address restoration and other changes in the market.

The Libra Association recognizes the importance of privacy on the public blockchain and also risks of abstraction. The association never involves in processing transactions and storing private data of Libra users.

To provide you with more information on Libra, one of our friends from Mrbtc.org has developed an infographic. Click here on Libra for infographic, we are excited to know your views on our work.

Libra - Cryptocurrency By Facebook (In 5 Minutes)

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