Modern Technology And Its Advancement

With the way technology has taken over our world, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without it. Also, there has been so much advancement and with each new one, we forget how the old ones used to be. We can see this trend in music.  It started with the Walkman. The first set was clunky and then they were later made to be smaller.
Then the compact discs (CD) came, and we got the exciting new feature of skipping songs and enjoying better quality in the sound.
Before we know it, the cassette and Walkman are obsolete, thanks to the MP3 player. It offered us the chance to listen to several albums and the size has become very little.

Just when we thought that was the best thing that could happen to us, the smartphone came and we literally have the world at our fingertips. We can listen to as many music collections from all over the world, watch videos on YouTube, and even browse through as many television channels as possible.

Women lying on sofa is listen music from her mobile phone using headphone

We even have a chance to see the lyrics of the songs we love, learn about our favorite artists, and gather information about anything at all, with so much ease.

One device serves as our music box, our camera, our video camera, book library, and so much more.  How are these things even possible? We have to give credit to the many scientists that have been constantly striving to make the planet much better. It is just unfortunate that the wave of change blew so fast and so hard, that a lot of their hard work and sleepless nights, now seem awfully simple.
In 1936, Paul Eisler created the first printed circuit board (PCB). This represents those electronic inner workings that have enabled devices to become smaller and be more functional.
This radio is the first working device to use a printed circuit board (PCB). Without the PCB, we would not have even been able to birth the first Walkman, as far back as when it came.

As the days went by, inventors now developed more ways to improve the technology that we take for granted today.
I mean, if you went back in time to the 1980s, how would you explain the concept of the smartphone to them?
When Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian inventor, was inventing the radio, he was almost sent to a mental hospital!
Nobody could fathom the concept of radio waves, communication, and all of that.
It is a good thing that he pulled through because eventually, the radio became one of the technologies of all time that changed the world for good. Hence, we should learn to appreciate the great work that has been done ahead of time.

As we enjoy our smart gadgets, our washing machines, and the plethora of electronic devices that we see today, we should be thankful for the smart and unrelenting inventors that laid the groundwork for these things to be conceptualized and created.

One thing we are going to have to be thankful for is the 3D TV Technology.

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Applications Of The 3D TV Technology

3D Technology is one major thing we should be thankful for today. Stereoscopic 3D television was first demonstrated in August 1928, by John Logie Baird in his company’s premises.

However, little did the world know that more would come to play in terms of surpassing all of it. The three dimensional TV, or just 3D TV, is one thing that would shake the world when it becomes assessable to everybody.

It is certainly going to be the ‘in’ thing as far as the future market is concerned. It did not start today, and this huge idea for watching TV has been on the minds of many for so many years.

What many have assumed to be science fiction, is now becoming a reality. Who would have thought that the idea of a holographic or three-dimensional communications technology would be possible and achievable?

The expected 3D TV has a lot of uses and applications for different people. Basically, we can all achieve different things from it, whether on a professional level or on a personal one. In the professional scenario, medicine is one great way to tell of its advantages. For instance, the applications of the device to diagnostic medicine are quite clear. The usual two dimensional X-ray just cannot be compared to the idea of looking at an individual’s innards from any angle to know what’s wrong with them.

However, the 2D scans would still leave the doctors or specialists making guesses because they cannot see all of it. Not only would 3D scans eliminate the guesses made in diagnosing problems, but doctors would also now have the opportunity to look at tumors, wounds, broken bones, and so much more, before deciding whether or not to go into surgery.
If it is then used together with the real-time scanning technology that has now been made available, analysis can be made speedily.

Beyond our doctors, this device is useful for other professionals as well. Physicists, engineers, and so many other professions would also appreciate this wonderful piece of tech. The same way doctors work with humans, zoologists could easily take a look at exotic and endangered animals, without challenges. Engineers would be able to visualize the things they are designing or constructing at its model stage. Our dear Physicists would be able to use the 3D-tech to analyze usually complex processes and procedures. Basically, this one piece of technology would be able to change the future of other forms of technology. Let’s get to the fun part – Entertainment. One of the first kinds of entertainment that would benefit from the 3D TV, would be our very own video games. Most modern video games go through the stress of generating their images in 3D and then converting them to 2D so they can be displayed on a TV or computer screen. You can imagine the stress.

While this new technology would be a little more difficult to create TV programming, a lot of top directors are already working on it.

We even have software that is being developed that would be able to convert a 2D video to a 3D one. So much has been done already, and more still would. Even though we really cannot figure out exactly how the 3D TV would span out, we know it is coming and that it would redefine much of what we know today. We really cannot wait for it. One cannot speak so much about modern technology without mentioning Information technology. We really should all be IT savvy.


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