Privacy is a Serious Concern

When it comes to privacy, paranoia is but normal. In this world where one’s business is everyone’s business, it is very important to keep the privacy intact. Public figures suffer incredibly because they have been denied what is considered as a human right by many. They suffer because of their success. The privacy of their data, their social life, and their private life is handled by experts.

The internet is used by a vast majority. This internet provides an exclusive platform wherein the users can extract as well as share information on it. Gone are the days where the library is the place that people go to for information. The various search engines that are available online give you all the data you need and answer all the questions that you have.

The problem is the digital footprint that is left behind by the user. Anyone who has access to your account or your device can look into the history and get to know you better. When you search for products and services online, the search engines and the online websites such as Amazon remember what you looked for and will spam you with emails and messages coaxing and encouraging you to purchase more items. If the GPS is enabled on your phone, the ever-active Google maps on your device keep track of your whereabouts and tell you about the weather in that place or the closest restaurant there.

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While it might seem like a big deal to many, the truth of the matter is that you are being watched. Some way or the other, your activities both online and offline are not absolutely secure and private. Privacy is something that should be taken seriously and respected completely.

Cybercriminals and hackers are everywhere. Online data has been hacked and breached on and off. One of the fastest-growing crimes in the world is the cyber fraud. There are many negative consequences to the lack of privacy.

Impacts of lack of internet ethics and privacy

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  • The very purpose of using the internet is defeated when the privacy of the user is abused
  • Using computer-based information usually guarantees a certain amount of privacy and anonymity which is defeated.
  • People love the integrity and the reliability of being able to access information from home. This is lost when privacy is abused.
  • Users demand confidentiality. That is also compromised.

Privacy should be everyone’s concern. It is not just a matter of national security but the individual as well. It affects anyone who interacts online. It could be chatting with someone using a messenger or a video call. It could be shopping online or just sharing images on social media. All this information might seem trivial but they mean something to somebody.

There are hackers who are in the business of stealing identities and selling them for a living. A lot of personal information is unwittingly shared online in bits and pieces. Joining social media websites and bank registrations involve submitting sensitive information such as birthdates and addresses. A professional hacker can gain access to this data with ease.

There are various tricks that one can use to ensure that the online privacy is taken care of.

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  • Incognito mode

Use incognito window when browsing. The identification of the user is kept intact. It is not possible to tag the user based on what is being searched for online. Avoid digital footprints using this window.

  • Use cloud

Confidential data can be stored on cloud under your personal profile. This data cannot be accessed by anyone else. You can go one step further by encrypting it as well.

  • Watch out for spam

There are many electronic mails sent to your account claiming to be from your financial institution and requesting account details and passwords. Delete them immediately. Never share critical information to anyone online, not even with your own spouse. Avoid risky ads and downloads. Ignore pop-ups. Read website privacy policies.

  • Use safely apps

Applications such as LifeLock can monitor many websites that are being used. It helps in removing data that ought not to be shared. They provide an identity theft service that helps you safeguard your banking and financial data along with your credit card details. Block cookies and avoid being geo-tagged unnecessarily.

Use the web in a safe manner and keep your privacy intact. The consequences can be grave. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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