Programming Languages For Beginners

The advent of computer technologies has reduced the vastness of the world (in fact the universe) and compacted it into a global village.

Communication gap over continents has been drastically reduced from several months (the time it would normally take letters to be delivered from say America to Asia) to a few seconds (what it takes to make phone calls and send emails or chats).

Yet, the computer promises to do even more in the nearest future.

The computer industry keeps blooming in the global world.

It is worthy of note that those who are involved in various aspects of the computer world have not regretted being in the business for almost all have recorded success and profits.

Are you still wondering why Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft) was once the world richest man?

Even now, he still ranks among the world richest people!

How about the young Mark Zuckerberg? Where is that whole lot of money pouring into his account coming from?

From computers of course!

After considering all this, would you still disagree with me if I say there is a lot of money to be made from the computer industry?

To sustain the growth and development of the computer industry, engineers are required to discover and invent innovative ideas while maintaining what has already been achieved in the industry.


This explains why there is, and always will be, a huge demand for intellectual and qualified computer engineers.

In the days of old, young people ran to the world of shipping and learned the repairs of the ship.

Later, interest gravitated toward automobile repairs.

Today, interest has turned towards the fascinating world of computer engineering and many young people are studying codes; and it is an enticing option too!

But there is a problem for young people who wish to learn to code and this is because there are new skills coming up in the industry.

To begin programming, you need some basic ideas and brief knowledge of the best programming language for the web.

You also need to familiarize yourself with and become proficient in one or more of these languages.

If this is attained, then you can be sure of getting a high paying job in the industry.

In this article, we shall consider six (6) of the commonest and rewarding 2016 programming languages for the web that you can select from and furnish you with necessary details about them.

  1. HTML/HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language)

This is the advanced mode of Hypertext Markup language and it comes with new elements, behaviors, and attributes.

It has better flexibility and provides features such as offline editing, improved messaging, drag/drop, and the elimination of outdated attributes.

It upgrades the high speed, 2D and 3D graphics, styling, multimedia, connectivity, and integrated performance.

  1. CSS/CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets)

This is compatible with older versions and it is easy and simple to comprehend.

It is quick in development as its features can be easily changed.

It has an independent platform and a browser that is compatible.

You can easily upload pictures and animations, borders or texts to enhance the aesthetic quality of the overall appearance.

A recent version of the CSS simples the testing processes.

There is also the addition of new tools to help the designers make experimentations with their products.

UX designerscreative sketch planning application process development prototype wireframe for mobile application

  • JavaScript

We are not referring to Java here. Rather, we are referring to the powerful language that enhances the web pages.

The JavaScript assists in the addition of effects in various web pages.

Some of the effects include the creation of functionality games and pop-up messages.

So far, the JavaScript is the commonest scripting language in the world and it is the most effective with many major and common web browsers.

JavaScript is used as the base of many recent technologies that assist in real-time communication.

It is important that we all learn JavaScript because it helps in producing interactive pages.

JavaScript has a very good user interface which offers you the ability to produce fresh images, add animation or scripts, and make creative profiles.

  1. jQuery

JQuery is a very good language for many web programmers to learn, especially for beginners.

Even if you are an experienced web programmer, you should still endeavor to learn this language.

The language can be combined with other languages and it functions very well with complex projects.

It possesses a large library with different functions to be utilized.

It has simplified tutorials and documents which makes it easier for beginners to learn it.

JQuery can be used to produce Ajax templates with an interface that is simple to use for consumers.

Lastly, it has plenty of plug-ins which are easily accessible and can assist in high-speed development.

Software and program development on laptop and pc' screen concept, coding and processing graph. vector

  1. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

Web programmers must know about the PHP language.

It is a very effective and popular platform.

PHP allows for the easy expansion of the web with the application of lesser time and effort.

PHP is the foundation programming language for most management systems.

PHP is a good language and has been of immense assistance to many developers.

The PHP language is used for scripting which can run on any server and helps to create pages formerly in HTML format.

It is a common programming language with optimized tools for experienced developers and new learners.

  1. MySQL

MySQL gets its name from the name of its founder’s (Micheal Widenius) daughter whose name is “My”.

The name is combined with Structured Query Language to have the acronym MySQL.

To implement SQL Microsoft or Oracle, you must learn the SQL programming language.

MySQL helps the programmer to gain the needed proficiency for multifaceted and large databases.

MySQL is second only to JavaScript in terms of its popularity and usage by programmers all over the world.

It is used by lots of banks, universities, small and big businesses, and enterprises.

Lots of mobile computing devices, especially phones, have access to the SQL database.

SQL programming language has also been used in the development of many phone apps.

So, we have given you the best options to start with above and believe that by now, you must have considered all available options listed above and decided which of the programming language you wish to familiarize yourself with as a learner.

We advise that you begin with JavaScript if your interest is in the field of web development (for obvious reasons listed above) even if you dislike it, though we are certain you will find learning JavaScript an enjoyable experience.

But if your interest is in the backend programming of the web, then you should learn SQL programming language.

If your intention is to create mine data websites, you should learn the Python programming language.

If your aim is to work in a company, you should learn Java.

And if you wish to build anything or get any computer programming job then you need to start learning SQL.

The SQL is especially good for students of Mathematics.

With the gamut of explanations given above, the onus still lies on you to make the choice of programming language you want to learn.

We wish you good luck as you make your choice and begin learning.

If you work hard enough, there is the promise of high returns at the end of it all.

It is bound to be a wonderful experience for you.

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