Software-The Heart Of Every Business

We are in a world of growing technology. Almost everything is available online. Whether it is playing games or shopping, we have it on the Internet. Similarly, we have a variety of apps in our Android and mobile phones to make our job easy. With the development of various technologies, everything is made possible.

One such developing technology is software technology. The software is nothing but a set of commands or can be called as some program that is written by programmers to complete some task. There are many software tools that are helpful in our work.

Consider a software business. Let us see the different types of software tools that are being used there.

Employee attendance tool:

Gone are the days where one has to sign in a register to mark their attendance. Nowadays, there are many software programs that are used to check in and check out the employee’s work hour. So, the higher authority can easily track the number of hours spent by each employee inside the office.

Swiping system takes the lead on everything today. There are many software applications that use the swiping technology to note employee working hours.

Business people using a mobile phone

Timesheet Software:

There are many software applications to track the hour spent by the employee on a particular project. Billing plays a major role in the software business. Each employee is paid by the client based on the number of hours spent by the employee on his project. So, timesheet plays an important role when working on a client’s project.

Apart from its use in billing the hours, the project manager can decide on allotting an employee to a particular project by viewing his availability.

Employee Tracking Tool:

When a company recruits a candidate as his employee, he or she must utilize the office hours wisely and must utilize the company’s product (i.e.) the computer wisely without using it for checking the facebook or twitter accounts. One may also send some valid information over the internet. To avoid misusing the computer, certain companies use tracking software to know what their employees are doing and how they are utilizing their software.

Antivirus Software:

This is a common type of software that is used not only at corporate but also at home which helps to prevent the system from virus attacks, malware, and spyware.

The above are most commonly used software tools in most of the software business. Still, there are various software tools to manage the business, build a relationship with the client, monitoring the employees and much more.

Apart from the general tools, a software company may need various software suites as per the project requirement. Each project in a software company has to undergo different phase; namely, the designing phase, developing phase, testing phase and reporting phase. Each phase requires different tools. Some of them are

Designing and development Tool:

Tools required for the designing phase of the project varies based on the requirement. Certain projects may require designing a website and certain project may require designing inventory software. Though the main aspect is designing the software tool varies. Some of the designing software used in software companies are Asp.Net, Data stage, Informatica and so on.

Business software

Testing Tool:

Once the project has undergone the development phase, it has to pass through the testing phase to fix the bug in the design and development. There are various testing tools used in the software industry. Some may require testing it by directly querying the database and some may use a testing tool to test it separately.

Reporting Tool:  

Certain projects require sending reports about the client’s business to the client. This involves a different type of reporting tools like Business Object, Micro strategy and so on.

The above are only a few uses of software tool in the software business. There are various other tools that are used in different industries. We are one such company who develops various software tools for different industries.



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