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Ever since technology entered our lives, we’ve always been enamored with what is next for us. Be it automobiles, or television, or even refrigerators, the latest and the best is what we want and that’s what makes us happy. And this is not true for technology alone, this is true even for everyday things.

With computers and technology, the quest for who is winning is a little more complicated. While for some it’s just about having the best piece of technology, there are those who are so in love with technology that it is not just about owning the best kind, but also about tweaking it and having fun with it.

Let’s look at the many things happening in the world of computers and software today:

  • Virtual Reality: If real life seems too boring for you, or you have enough experiences with real life, it is time for augmented reality. This technology enables you to have an immersive experience with a video game, or even a city, depending on what you are using it for. For instance, a new app has been launched recently which allows you to explore the ancient city of Jerusalem and view it, through VR, as it did in its heyday. This is a fantastic way to have a whole new kind of travel experience.Friends playing with virtual reality technology vector illustration graphic design
  • DNA and computers: As the population grows, so does our need for data and, well, data storage. Scientists and engineers have been grappling with this problem for years now and have come out with an innovation that could alter humanity at a molecular level. In the sense that, the pods you saw in The Matrix series could actually be a reality in the future. DARPA (a functionary of the US Government) has used the tech existing in human DNA to posit the existence of machines that can process and store data the way that human cells do. This means that future machines could be the size of molecules.
  • Digital Skin: Japan has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. And this is especially true for smartphones. The latest Japanese innovation is digital skin. Also known as e-skin, this stretchable device is compatible and complements the movements of actual skin and can be used in various applications. While the big picture applications are still on the horizon and will be developed, in the immediate future, scientists are thinking of converting this into a cool stick-on gadget – like a fitness tracker, for instance.
  • Detecting Weapons: One of the things that we all need is personal security. Be it at a hotel, or in a public place, our safety is our utmost concern. This is why in Las Vegas, which is a global hub for gambling, a technology showcase held recently highlighted new security technology to help hotel and casino owners catch people who are carrying concealed firearms into their properties. This technology will be invisible to visitors, however, it will scan the people who are walking in and will be able to convey this information to those who are monitoring security at these Vegas properties.
  • 3D Printed Shoes: If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you’ve probably seen the episode where Cristina Yang goes abroad to take over the Cardio wing of a premier European hospital where 3D printing hearts is an almost daily affair. While that might be fictional, sports goods giant Adidas is planning to mass produce running shoes using 3D printing technology. The sole of the shoe will be 3D printed. The move is to make the whole customization aspect of their business more mass market.3D Render of 3 Dimensional Printer

A lot of people equate technology with computers and smartphones only, but technology is everywhere and it is very limiting to us to assume that technology is focused on that area alone.

Technology is in our lives in more ways that we can imagine and this is why we need to make sure that we are aware of it and keep up with it. While some of it is beneficial to humanity in the long run of things, there are times when you need to draw the line with your affiliation to it. With each step ahead, there are plenty of reasons that technology might just be a danger to us all.




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