Top 5 Telematics Trends That Will Blow Your Mind

Though trends in telematics may be viewed in the use of 2G connectivity in cars, one can say that it’s becoming a thing of the past now. How then can the opportunity be placed by telematics before we are tapped? Recently connected cars are taking a turn in advanced networks, such that car providers are manufacturing cars with faster 3G and 4G network.

Cars with real-time driver safety instruction, fleet maintenance platforms, tools to check fuel and productivity tools are manufactured with no price change from the previous year in the tech world. There is definitely a change in perception of how we see telematics and what it will offer in times to come, that’s why we shall be reviewing top (5) trends that will shape the tech world using telematics.

Trend 1 (Safe Mapping, Efficient and Smart Mechanization)

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GPS tracking or call it map navigator has been a genius in helping divers and managers alike align themselves with an online platform and on the go communication while cruising.

One thing is obvious, a GPS tracking system is not new to the tech world, but it has become a major force to reckon with in the telematics service.

The use of telematics in GPS tracking gives easy communication between you and your car by providing you with information such as; location of where you are, weather changes and reports, the sensitivity of the wheel, traffic alerts, speed control amongst others.

Trend 2 (Reality of Automatic Cars)

Not too long, dating back to 2013, the reality of automatic car was actualized, when in Japan it was first driven.

There is so much hype about the advent of these automated cars yet they are already in use through the test version, but the fact still remains that they’re going to be available soon in the market, so that you can tell your car to take you to where you want to be not necessarily driving it and it will take you there.

Trend 3 (Integration of Gadgets (Smart Phones and Tablets))

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The movers of trends in the tech world are basically smartphones, tablets, and iPads, no wonder they are highly personalized tools for users to make use of in conjunction with telematics.

Integrating these gadgets and telematics has been one of the best things that have happened to the telematics system, and using them provides easy information technology operations to work with the most advanced telematics solutions be it remotely or near to meet your demands.

The available applications on smartphones enable connectivity between the driver and his car without him been there probably to perform some certain tasks such as; checking the performance of the car, security checks, and safety, etc.

There is also the Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Solutions feature which allows inter-connectivity between two cars that warrants Machine-to-Machine connectivity.

Trend 4 (Infotainment)

Information and entertainment these days are inseparable, so also can people not do without them, and this makes telematics even more irreplaceable when it comes to the automobile industry and among vehicle users.

Telematics has availed us with much options which range from GPS-based navigation system to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, touch screen audio-visual, interactive voice recognition services, phone paring features, and live media streaming services, etc.

Trend 5 (Internet of Things)

Internet of things

The impact of the Internet of Things on Telematics cannot be overemphasized with the integration of everyday objects using internet connections; the future car will definitely be intuitive.

With the Internet of Things and Telematics, cars will become even smarter through the virtual realm of real-time and socio-technological experience.

The use of Telematics, Machine-to-Machine, and the impact of the Internet of Things formed three generation-like environments that will transform our lives.

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