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Video games have always been a very competitive and interesting sport.

These games have growing score records and many young players would strive to be at the top with the highest score in the game competition.

The developmental increase in the use of the internet and the advent of iconic games which involves shooting like Counter-Strike and Doom has helped to connect people all around the world on this platform.

Cyber Athletes Professional League was founded in 1997. It is among the first online sport association.

The gaming world has since then experienced a quantum leap evolving into online game competitions and live streaming of video games.

The Rise Of Online Gaming and Streaming

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Online gaming has been regarded as one of the largest entertainment industries over the last forty years.

PricewaterhouseCoopers researched and found that the global e-sport industry was worth about 56billion dollars in 2010.

This reveals that the online game industry is about 66% of the size of the film industry and larger than both the music and magazine industries.

Entertainment Software Association reported in 2011 that the mean age of game players in the United States is 37 and about 58% of them are males.

You might guess that the largest trend in online streaming today is in music but it is actually in online competitive games.

Online gaming is an e-sport that attracts the attention of thousands of players and online viewers.

There are lots of online websites today that offer gaming services and provide their viewers with the opportunity to stream and watch online competitive games.

These websites have spread widely over the internet, they make these online game competition readily available to online viewers.

Thereby developing it into an e-sport watched online by millions of people instead of the limited numbers of viewers.

Video Game Streaming: The Big Players

Gamer and TwitchTv are one of the largest players in online video gaming and streaming.

In 2010, started streaming e-sport videos and has now recorded about four million special viewers of online games.

One of the most well known annual gaming competitions, the Intel Extreme Masters Event was broadcasted by the Electronics Sports League in March 2011 via

The gaming competition was organized with a mouth-watering prize of four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000).

It captured about 75,000 viewers at the same time on the same day and a total audience of millions of viewers. also viewed a Dreamhack contest (a well-known game based on League of Legends) in June 2011 watched by more than 200,000 viewers with almost 250GBps of speed throughout the competition. is another e-sport streaming website that experienced a rapid growth rate such that they committed a whole website for its use.

This increase resulted in the creation and launching of TwitchTv in June 2011 when they recorded about 3.2 million views for their online game streaming on their major website.

TwitchTv now records more than twelve million viewers monthly with about one thousand partners.

It has over eleven percent monthly growth rate since its inception to date.

Its mobile application has also recorded about 800,000 downloads on iPhone in less than a month of its creation and launching.

Statistical reports show a tremendous increase in traffic within 10th to 16th of October.

It revealed more than four million weekly viewers, about seven million total hours watched by viewers, more than one hour watched per viewer amongst others.

Video Game Streaming: Popular Genres

Some of the well-known genres in online gaming includes;

Adventure (Lost planet), strategy (Total war), shooter(Bad Company 2), sports games (FIFA), role-playing (Dragon Age), simulation (The Sims), racing (Need for Speed) and multiplayer games (Hydra 9), etc.

Gamer or streamer in earphones with microphone sits at home in dark room and plays with friends on networks in video games. The young man is angry and grabs his head, as his team lost the game.

Streaming Games Online: The Legal Side

There is a new bill against the streaming of some online video games.

Such a bill would make streaming of some e-sport videos illegal.

There are some advantages to this bill, for example, it helps to reduce piracy.

But as some aspects of the bill are not well understood, it can lead to a few contentions by the media and online game loyalists.

Developers and publishers of the online game might allow things to continue as they are by not filing a lawsuit against game streamers.

The increasing activities of online video gamers, developers and publishers on the internet may not provide them ample time to prosecute these laws breakers.

As a matter of fact, online video game streaming has provided equal opportunity and gain for everyone involved.

Game Streaming: A Win-win Situation For Everyone and TwitchTv website records more traffic from online game competitions.

These websites also show live videos of popular e-sport players online and at any time.

Some of these e-sport players are not professional players but they are there to showcase what they can do also while others are professional players who might be getting ready for the next e-sport competition or tournament.

Online video gamers nowadays do make money from their events as live e-sports streaming provides them with another channel to earn more profits and make a living.

Online game streaming sites such as and TwitchTv have an income sharing agreement with some gaming experts.

Some known types of income generating avenues include advert placements, viewers subscription and payment per viewing.

These websites owners feature more technology and adverts which generates more income for them.

For example, TwitchTv has an income sharing formula by placing adverts on streamed videos and dividing the income among them.

Companies that do adverts on these sites will also be satisfied due to the fact that their products and services are being exhibited to quite a good number of audience.

Therefore, everyone’s happy and most importantly the online gamers are happier.

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